The challenge
 South America

November 14th - November 21st

This whole week we had to stay in Guayaquil Equador. The cars, expected to arrive at Monday 17th only came Wednesday 19th. Then troubles started. Assuming that a local business-relation of one of us could help us out, we were completely mislead and took the wrong "junction" in the administrative jungle of Equador. This caused a lost in time of at least one day, but we got awake just in time and thanks to the excellent support of our transporting agent PANALPINA - where Jorge and Oscar, assisted by their "dispatchador" Ivan did a great job - we managed to get the cars released at Friday afternoon. It was decided to stay one more night and to leave next morning at 05.00 am.

Importing our cars The forced long stay in Guayaquil was not a real punishment. It was rather exciting. Surprisingly, or due to the fact that we did not study Equador enough in advance (?!), we all experienced it extremely violent. In front of almost every shop we found heavily armed guards really ready to shoot. During our stay there was a robbery on a super-market and the guards immediately started firing, killing the 5 "banditos" and two innocent customers. It was all broadcasted live on television and we will all remember the pictures of the crying people and the dead banditos whose bodies were simply thrown on a truck.

On her arrival, close to our hotel, Mrs. Einstein whitnessed the robbery of a woman , the driver didn't stop to assist but fortunately the arrival of our hotel limo caused the banditos to run away preserving their victim from even worse. This was the dark side of life in Guayaquil.

We bought our phones here The city offered also beautiful buildings, nature and boulevards as you can conclude yourself from our pictures. Too late for some of us a hugh shopping mal was discovered. A real heaven on earth for those of us who were born to shop and sure they did till they dropped again.

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