The challenge
 Tapachula - Yaviza 2.653 km.

November 6th
Temperature + 24 till + 33 degrees Celsius 625 km


Before we could say that, first we had to experience some breathtaking situations, that pumped our adrenaline level sky high! But obviously we managed to survive, otherwise we had not been able to write this report, so fans at home don't you worry everything is more than ok. We don't discuss the sexappeal of the Cayenne, but being fair and objective, all the participants are more than enthusiastic about the driving capacities and each day we discover new limits to try and we feel more and more comfortable with our Cayenne.

We left Guatemala City at 09.00 am and around noon we reached the border with Honduras. The formalities again took their time, but we amused ourselves with the friendly local people. At the border lots of money-changers are active. Jan taught these men "bamzaaien" a typical Dutch gambling game and Gerry - always happy and motivated as soon as he only sees playing cards - immediately felt at home when he could teach these men several card games. Clever as Gerry is, he taught them just enough to get their interest, but being assured that he knew more then his students. So guess who lost….right Gerry! He was either too good a teacher or simply a bad player. We hope to inform you later on during the trip what the real truth is. The pictures show Jan and Gerry surrounded by local gamblers and from the piles of money on the table you can see that this was realy serious business.

After border crossing the Maja city Copan was visited and apart from the culturbarbarian "Einstein" all team members took a guided tour. "Happy Hour" (you know Floris our Dutch consul) had organized a Moviestar Welcome in his city Tegucigalpa, the capital of Honduras. At the city border we were once again stopped by the police and thinking about our speedy behaviour this day we all feared to end in jail. But it all seemed a set-up from Happy Hour and instead of punishment we got a police escorte complete with the flash lights and sirenes! Our entry couldn't have been more exciting and fun. We all enjoyed this Latin American V.I.P. Treatment and soon we also felt very important. We crossed the city in a way you only see at movies.The policemen directing everyone who was in front or aside of us to stop and let us pass. Even the crossroads were blocked so that we could pass with lots of flashlights and sirenes. At our destination there was a hugh crowd and two tv stations made their interviews and shot their pictures. During the party diner, photographers kept on coming and we will be present in all leading magazines and papers of Honduras shortly.


Gerry the gambler
Gerry the gambler

November 7th
Temperature + 27 till + 32 degrees Celsius 525 km Recovering from last night we only left around 10.00 am for a small trip of approximately 500 km heading for Managua, the capital of Nicaragua. The border crossing took us another 3 hours and further nothing exciting happened. Due to border crossing delay and heavy traffic we were again caught by the darkness and decided to stop 25 km outside Managua. We spend a pretty quiet evening and night at Hotel Camino Real.

Bordercrossing Nicaraqua
Bordercrossing Nicaraqua

November 8th
Temperature + 21 till + 33 degrees Celsius 474 km

Today we scheduled to arrive at San Jose, capital of Costa Rica. In San Jose another invitation from the Dutch ambassador to party at his place, was waiting for us. We got used to the border crossings but still the crossing at Costa Rica border was a pleasant experience. At the border there were nice large places with real mud and like a bunch of young wild pigs we played in this fresh brown mud. All our cars changed into the same color and we made some nice pictures and filmshots of the Cayennes plowing and sliding through this mud. Our rough adventurous look was back on the cars again. After two hours we entered the Rain Forests of Costa Rica.

Then something happened we all would have like to avoid. Driving in the rain on a two-lane section, due to miscommunication via our walkie-talkies, car number 4 in the row (Peppie & Kokki) got a "take-over-go" from the car in front of him and just changed lane in the blind. Driving next to a truck another car appeared from the opposite direction. The three cars managed to pass each other, but Kokki had to hit the truck on his right side in order to avoid a frontal collision with the car approaching him. Einstein in car number 5 was sitting first row in this spectacular event and witnessed that Kokki managed to keep his car under control. Kokki and the truck didn't stop, they both continued their way. Again,…. No problems we all survived and had some exciting things to talk about during evening and the damage to the car of Peppie & Kokki was minimal.

The Dutch ambassador received us at his place and also the Press, the president of the Porsche Club de Costa Rica were present. We were told that in Costa Rica only already 20 Cayennes had been sold!! After this quiet party we had to hit San Jose's nightlife and so we did. Further details on this will be kept strictly private & confidential.

Bordercrossing Honduras
Bordercrossing Honduras

November 9th
Temperature + 27 till +31 degrees Celsius 154 km

Despite our adventures during the night we had to get up early to meet the photographers whom we had promised a photo session at 10.00 am. So be it. Today, also had a sad element, because for the second time we had to say good-bye to four members of our team: Muriel and her growing twin who has driven al the way from Fairbanks and her partner Theo who was a member from Las Vegas onwards. And it is true….."Partir c'est mourir un peu"

Panama could be done in one day, but than we should not face any delay. Knowing Murphy's law we decided to leave already this Sunday-afternoon. There was a lot of weekend traffic on the road and an accident had blocked the complete motorway direction Panama. We were forced to take small little roads across numerous small villages. So were thousands of other vehicles too…….

Our trip went across the Coata Rica rain forest. Driving with windows and roof open we could hear the birds and unfortunately pretty soon we could "feel" the rain forest. So close the windows and the roof. The situation became worse and we had to plow through thick fog. To increase the exciting situation, our cars were running out of fuel too! We managed to reach the highest point in these mountains and the way down we drove in 6th gear with only 2000 rpm and we were praying for a gasoline station. The way down seemed endless, but we succeeded in reaching a gasoline station just in time. It was already dark again and therefore it was decided to stop driving any further, which made this day a record from the minimum travel distance point of view with only 154 km in 4.5 hours.


November 10th
Temperature + 26 till + 34 degrees Celsius 700 km

Due to the delays of yesterday we decided to leave at 06.00 am. The road conditions were said to be very poor and we wanted to arrive in Panama at the 10th. Indeed the road was very bad with plenty of holes in all v arieties. Sometimes we managed to avolid the holes, sometimes we didn't see them in time or simply could not avoid them. Anyway, we managed it without damage to the cars or the tyres. The Panama border went pretty quick, 1.5 hour and we were on our way to our final destination: Panama, before starting with the South American part. Einstein was driving fast and he just crossed the double yellow line when a police car came across to him. The police officers immediately turned their car in a spectacular way and forced us to stop.Thanks to Happy Hour who was the opinion that his compatriotes were not treated fair, we could continue our trip without any further consequences. The Panamees drivers are the most aggressive ones we have met in Latin America and sometimes we really had to defend our position on the road. In the battle Einstein lossed his right outside mirror. It was a national holiday in Panama and here this meant that everything was closed! So we ended up having a quick bite and a drink in our hotel, but nobody really cared since we were up so early that morning

Happy hour
Happy hour

November 11th and 12th
Temperature + 26 till + 32 degrees Celsius

On the 11th we spend from 01.00 pm. Till 06.00 pm. To get our cars on paper out of the country. The drive to the police where we had to export our cars was only 10 km, but both ways took together 3 hours due to very heavy traffic in the city and later on heavy rainfall which caused accidents on the roads, which caused road closings etc.. On the 12th we left the hotel at 08.30 am. To get our cars shipped. But Murphy knew about our plans and has me3de sure that his law was applicable! First we delivered our papers at our shipping agent and the customs. Then we took a drive to the port where it was foreseen to put the cars in the container ourselves. So far so good. Here the paperwork and the physical loading - and fixing within the container - of the cars took more then three hours. But finally the containers were closed and sealed and we could return with the Bill of Loading to the customs again where we should get the only missing stamp. In the evening we met Okke the joutnalist who made last year the Dutch tv programme "Jongensdromen" Covering the day to day life of Dutch Porsche salesmen and us, their customers.

Brisas swimmingpool
Brisas swimmingpool

November 13th

Today we will splitt. Some of us are going to Equador already, others stay a little bit longer here in the Panama area. In Equador we will meet three Rookies again and if everything with the shipping of the cars will go right, we have planned to start our South American part at Tuesday, November 18. For you, our supporters this means that you can expect a new update of our website from November 20th onwards.

We take the opportunity of this little break in our trip-reports to thank you all for your interest in our trip. We do hope that we've been able to give you, although it was only two-dimensial, an impression about the exciting challenge that is called: The Panamericana Highway.

Furthermore we would like to thank:

Titia Huijsse
From American Express Platinum Card Travel Services who is involved in hotel bookings and airline tickets.

Jos Kelbling
He was mentioned before, and he is taking care for the periodical updates of our website.

Floris Kluck
Our Dutch Honorair Consul, who was a great help and became a real friend to all of us. He introduced us in the typical Central American way of life and his advises how to handle this were of great help and last bujt not least of great fun. Floris we all do hope you will be able to join us again later on in South America!!!

Liliane Kroonenburg
Who is responsible for our contacts with Dutch embassies and consulates.

And last but not least:

Our Families

Who have also been infected with the Panamericana virus since the idea was born some two years ago. And who have given us the opportunity to realize this dream. Thanks, we will be home soon again!!!

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