The challenge
 Great Falls - Tuscon 2.835 km. (Route 2)

October 27th
temperature +5 till + 22 degrees Celsius 598 km

Only 350 km from our destination Las Vegas, where we have to be on October 28 to pick up a fresh co-driver, it was decided to do the Rocky Mountains today. We started the Rockies at Zion parc with a rough, colorful nature and breathtaking view points, most of us only had dreamed of or had seen in movies. Hunting season in Arizona had just begon and we spoke to several hunters who had shot deers. In the area they were hunting was a population of 15,000 deers and local authorities had decided that this season 900 may be shot. The hunters all had to apply for a permission to shoot one deer and if in this kind of tombola they were so lucky to get one of the 900 permissions, they received a ticket they had to stick to the deer after shooting it. We saw their cars, sometimes with a shot deer tied on the roof. This system of quota combined with a hunting period of 10 days should guarantee that not too many deers were shot. We crossed the Rockies “Rim to Rim” from North till South. We stopped for the night at the Grand Canyon National Park Lodges, where we celebrated our first full week Panamericana without major troubles with a glass of real French champagne and a good diner.

The deer hunter

October 28th
temperature +18 till +33 degrees Celsius 385 km

In the morning we made a 45 minutes helicopter-flight through the Grand Canyon. Spectacular, especially for those amongst us who had never been on a helicopter-flight before. In the afternoon we departured for Las Vegas, only a short and smooth drive with high speed on the quiet motorway. Our m&s tyres are melting away and we could almost smell the burning rubber inside our cars. At the Hoover Dam - a large power plant facility built 60 years ago - we stopped for foto's and the almost obligatory souvenirs. This facility is supplying whole Las Vegas with energy,. And then there she was..Las Vegas! Incredible what has been built here in the dessert. This place can be considered as the most decadent place along our Panamericana route and perhaps even of the world. It is the meeting place of capitalism, showbiz, power and all other kinds of pleasures you won't find in the Bible. We checked in at the MGM, a hotel with 5,500 rooms, almost a city in its own and with only one key-word: Gambling. Even at the bars are gambling screens integrated in the tables. In front of "Treasury Island) there was even a free open-air show with big ships of the Sirenes and of the pirates that were fighting each other in the water. This must be an exciting place to celebrate New Years Eve once in your life.

Our heli

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