The challenge
 Fairbanks - Great Falls 4.400 km. (Route 1)

October 25th
temperature -2 till + 9 degrees Celsius 903 km

Again a cold morning with a blue sky. It is going to be wintertime isn't it? Wse decided to really do some miles first in the morning and to spend the afternoon in the famous Yellowstone Park. We hitted the road with 600 km and stopped for lunch at Yellowstone Park. Then we entered this beautiful treasury of mother nature. The park is famous for its numerous hot springs. Amazing how the almost boiling water just bursts out of the ground. Wonder what is going on far below us. Fascinating. The bizons were enjoying their peaceful "wildlife" and seemed to be used to the visitors, their cars and their cameras. We took some very nice pictures too. One could stay for days in the park, but we managed only 4 hours. We landed in Jacksons Hole a very neat city were present and past, IT and cowboys live together in complete harmony. Some of us visited a real saloon with lots of songs, line dancing and of course local heroes and beauties.

October 26th
temperature -3 till + 22 degrees Celsius

The first day of our trip we gave ourselves an easy start, only departing at around 11.00 a.m. Our goal for the day was to get as closest to the Rocky Mountains as possible.We managed to reach St.George in Utah at around 09.30 p.m. There was a little bit more traffic - probably Sunday recreational traffic - but we still managed to "do" another 900 kilometers. Weather was fine, roads were good. The scenery we passed changed from mountains into plain fields and reverse. Since this part of our trip was not the most exciting part, let's talk some statistics concerning our trip till so far.
Pure driving time : 63.5 hours
Total distance driven : 5,877.4 km
Average speed/hour : 95 km/h Fuel consumption : 16.5 liter per 100 km (result from one car only)

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