The challenge
 South America

November 22nd
Temperature +21 till + 29 degrees Celsius 900 km

Finally back on the road again and at 05.30 am. We were "road-born" again for the start of our South American part of th trip. The roads were good and we hitted them with speeds over 150 km/h. The Peruan border was already reached at around 09.30 am. Crossing the border was so easy and everything went so quick, we hardly found time to realize what happened or even to get amazed! An un expected contrast to what we had experienced in importing our cars. In Peru the roads were as good as in Europe and the cars, glad to smell the good roads, drove faster as even before and all our 1,700 horsepowers did not invite, but forced us to hit these beautiful roads with 200 km/h and more…. Almost flying through the Peruvian desert we were burning fuel and rubber making sonme nice video shots of this wild bunch overtaking each other, trippling and so on. Rookie Winnibald even started a battle with a dog. The outcome of this battle may be clear…

Mrs. Einstein experienced her first four wheel drift in the Cayenne which she managed to control easilly thanks to her many driving courses in the past and her X-5 experience. Rookie Bert drove that fast and concentrated he is now in an urgent need of a physio-therapeut to release his muscles in his shoulder and neck. Later on Bert also tortured his bi- and triceps - forgetting about his real age - when he simply lifted one of the female gasoline servants. As you will see on the picture he was acting as a young God. We had the fun, Bert now has the locked muscles. Sorry Bert….. Driving along the beautiful coast, we decided to stop for lunch at the beach and some of us who managed to reach the sea, crossing the hot burning sand, jumped into the Pacific Ocean. Dressed like beach girls and boys we continued our trip at around 03.00 pm. Trying to reach Trujillo that same day we had to drive through darkness from 07.00 pm. We saw a pretty big, but innocent looking, fire on the right side of the road and just after having switched lane to the left side we were driving completely in the blind surrounded by thick dark smoke. We couldn't see anything anymore and had to slow down to an almost complete stop. Then a truck was passing us on the right and immediately we heard the noise belonging to two vehicles running into each other. For a moment there was complete silence and then crying of men and dogs started. The scene was red lightened by the fire, the smoke became even thicker and all of us - jumped out of our cars - could hardly breath.

Complete chaos on the motorway in the spooky darkness with very heavy sunday evening traffic. Pulling a woman out of one of the crashed vehicles Rob got a small injury at his hands, but further we all survived without any damage. A miracle!

The fire increased, so did the chaos and the invisible part of the motorway. We managed to drive our cars through the other side of the road crossing the two opposing lanes with traffic that kept on driving despite the fact that they also had a sight of 0.0 metres. Re-grouped we continued our way heading for Trujillo where we arrived at 10.00 pm. We couldn't have had a more exciting first day!

November 23rd
Temperature + 20 till + 29 degrees Celsius 895 km

Still 500 km away from Lima, the capital of Peru, we left Trujillo at 06.00 am. The roads, still in excellent condition were hit again with very high speeds. The scenery along the Pacific coast varied from hugh sand-dunes beautiful shaped by nature, to plain sand areas, cotton- and rice fields. Passing lots of municipal areas varying from small to big we whitnessed lots of markets and even two funerals. Satisfied with our performance due to our high speed, we decided to stop in the dessert alongside the coast to produce some spectacular "Cayenne off the road pictures". Rob pushed his car first in the sand and never lucky in the Dutch state lottery he managed here in the dessert to find the one and only big piece of rock and he parked his car right on top of this stone. A better locked position was not possible. So after 3-4 metres off the road the show was over!! It took us more than one hour to dig the sand away in order to remove the giant rock from under his car. On a democratic way - everybody agreed immediately - it then was decided to forget about the off-road pictures and to stay on the paved roads. So we almost digged ourselves into a problem situation! Sand, sand, sand etc. and the Pacific Ocean on the right, we couldn't go wrong. Passing the peripherique of Lima we were driving and switching lanes like we are used to do in heavy Amsterdam traffic and even some local heroes wanted to play our game to.

We managed to disturb the heavy but nice and easy moving traffic that Sunday afternoon, leaving lots of Peruvian drivers behind, probably still wondering what happenend. Would the story of "the owl head man" or "astronaut" of the Nasca Lines finally indeed become reality? Think about the headlines in Monday morning papers! Mario Granda, president of the five star El Polo apart hotel managed to stay with us and at the toll gate he offered to guide us to the best beach clubs of Lima. We followed and arrived at the beaches where we parked our cars and took a sunny break with lunch and music to celebrate the birthday of Kokki! But before we could enjoy all this, Rachel the daughter of Rob managed to get her car digged into the sandy beach. Local heroes in their 4wd's passed by as if they were driving on paved roads! So now we still have to figure out whether it is the nature of the Cayenne or just the skills of the family Nieborg that caused our "dig into the sand" problems. Mario suggested we should stay for the night in Paracas a little town in one of Peru's national parks. So we did and we arrived in hotel Paracas, situated on the beach of the Pacific, just too late to enjoy the sunset that evening, for which view this hotel was that famous. May be next time?

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