The challenge
 Fairbanks - Great Falls 4.400 km. (Route 1)

October 21st 2003
temperature -6 till + 7 degrees Celsius 952 km

Our adventure started at the premises of Pacific Alaska Forwarders, Inc. as a tribute to the general manager Joan E. Johnson, who has been a great help and supporter in our preparations. Two local t.v. stations were present to interview us and to record our departure. To Tok we drove the Richardson Highway, Alaska's first road known to gold seekers in 1898 as the valdez to Eagle trial. From Tok we continued our trip via the Alaska Highway.The conditions were great, a mild temperature of -6 degrees Celsius, sunshine and clean roads. The scenery till Whitehorse was absolutely fabulous and the first day of our trip we only had to face one flat tyre caused by a steel screw. We crossed the Canadian border and could really make the speed, every Porsche is made for. Around 22.00 hours we stopped at Whitehorse. The first 900 km was a fact!

October 22nd 2003
temperature -2 till +8 degrees Celsius 965 km

Departure was scheduled at 08.00 hours and we managed to be on the road again at 08.15 hours. The cars were frozen, the streets were icy and the weather was cloudy with "foggy-surprises". We couldn't realize the same speed as yesterday, due to the weather conditions, but this gave us the opportunity to look around from the drivers seat. The nature was even more beautiful than yesterday and we kept the camera's Running. Pretty soon the roads changed from icy into snow covered and we even witnessed our first snow falling! We were hit by our second flast tyre caused by a little piece of gravel-stone. Also our front windshields were tortured by these little stones and we collected lots of "stars". During the day all the cars got the same brown color from the mud on the road, which brown later changed into ash-grey from the dust on the dry roads. It gave our cars an even more rough and adventurous look. It was then decided not to wash our cars till Ushuaia. At around 20.00 hours we decided to stop at the Bell II Lodge

October 23nd 2003
temperature +2 till +9 degrees Celsius 1.214 km

No more snow today. It was raining in the morning, but the road conditions improved per mile. Close to Stewart we passed a beautiful gletscher with a blue shadow over the white snow. Never seen this before. Due to the improving road conditions we could use the performance of our big Porsche engines till the maximum. It may sounds borrowing, but after each curve there was an even more beautiful scenery. Large mighty mountains, topped with virgin white snow and trees so large and so big that we felt like dwarfs in toy cars. Driving fast, but absolutely carefull, not every Canadian car driver could appreciate our way of driving. As a result some of them called the police from their cars and after a road work stop we were stopped by the police. After some gentle discussions and telephones with her superiors, the female police officer decided to let us continue our trip with a very serious warning. Our cars and names had been registered in the Canadian police computer and a future violation of traffic law would definitely cause a substantial fine. Almost in Jasper - our next stop for the night - we were stopped again by a flashy police car. Again we were told that other car drivers had phoned and the police officer who had followed us in the dark told us we were doing 120 instead of the maximum 100 km/h. This police officer was interested in our story and the purpose of our trip and with a warning to respect the maximum speed limit, we could continue for Jasper. At 22.00 hours local time we arrived at our hotel, tired from almost 14 hours driving.

October 24th
temperature -3 till +13 919 km

We left Jasper early in the cold morning with a blue sky. Via the beautiful Icepeak-way we continued our trip to Lake Louis. The Icepeak-way goes across the Canadian Rockies and gives a sublime view on the gletschers that you will have to pass / cross.The water of the various lakes along this route is almost unnaturely blue and it is very impressive to pass the gletschers by car that close. We decided not to take the route through Calgary, but the route via Hot Springs which place is famous for its radium thermal baths. At 16.30hours the U.S. border was crossed at Roosville Montana. Speedlimit was 70 m/ph so with a "little extra" we felt comfortable. The scenery changed pretty quick from mountains to an, almost Dutch-like, flat country. Since it became dark, we decided not to drive till Great Falls and we stopped in a small town called Cut Banks.

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